Day 13: Hump day grump

Sometimes I’m just grumpy. I have no patience, I’m tired and for whatever reason I’m the biggest grump of them ALL.

That was me today. All grump. All day. No fun.

Our son was being so cute, but as the day went on he just got fussier and fussier. His 1 year molars are coming in and sometimes it’s rough. For him, for us. Teeth are no fun. I totally understand why parents hate teething. It turns adorable babies into fuss monsters.

So by the time my mom got off work, I was done and not in the mood for anything. She says, “You need to go, get drunk and come back with a better attitude.”

It wasn’t funny right then. No. Instead, I vindictively marched off to the baby room where I proceeded to pump milk for my baby and get the hell out. I’ll show her, I thought! You hang out with this frustrating, teething baby. I will take a break!

I grabbed my husband and said, we’re out of here. I kissed my sweet baby, proceeded to remind my mom of the 100 things she already knows about our child, but I feel I have to say EVERY.SINGLE.TIME. I leave and we left.

We went to one of these hip places with great food, beer and a really solid atmosphere. I did get tipsy – 2.5 beers right here! We ate delicious flatbread and potato skins. We flirted, talked, laughed and had the BEST time. My husband had to drive me home – which NEVER happens. It was such a great time and the perfect cure for my grumps.

When we returned, my sweet baby and mom weren’t even here. When they got home a little later, our baby boy was so happy and content. It was the perfect way to end my night. Shout out to all the grandmas who help out and give you a night out – even when they are yelling at you about your attitude! (I’m so thankful for my mom being honest and real with me. You need that sometimes!)

Oh the joys of parenting! I’m so grateful to have my mom in our daily life.



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