Day 18: Goodbye Netflix!

So, I’m saying goodbye to Netflix. Maybe forever, maybe just for right now… I’m not sure.

I love Netflix. I have watched so many tv shows, documentaries and movies on there. It has kept me sane on lonely nights and helped me kick boredom while cleaning or doing other random menial tasks.

However, it’s not particularly helpful as a way to enrich my life. I use it while at the gym, or when I’m Tula-ing my kiddo to sleep for naps or bedtime (I then proceed to lay there and watch it for too long). It’s not really bad that I do this, but I want to break my phone addiction and start thinking more and distracting less.

My husband has encouraged me to find some podcasts that I might enjoy. So I’m on the hunt for those. I love learning things and hearing people’s opinions on things, so now I’ve just got to try a few out and see what I think.

I’m actually pretty excited for this adventure – I think it could be a really enriching thing for me AND it could be a great conversation starter – sometimes I have trouble making conversation. I don’t watch a lot of TV (besides Netflix – and I always watch old stuff) and I don’t know much about the weather. I have noticed that when I’ve watched a documentary or read an interesting book or article, I really enjoy discussing that with people and it can be a great topic to get conversation flowing.

Do any of you out there have favorite podcasts that I should check out? I’ve googled (like I do all things) and I’ve found some that sound interesting, but again, I’m a weirdo, and I’m not into the heavy crime stuff, over the top comedy or random blathering – which is what many of the websites were recommending. (Some of the recommendations really seemed to be super liberal, “I’m smart and real” bullshit. Maybe it’s good – it was just a bit off-putting.) I’m thinking self improvement, money, health, parenting, etc.




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