Day 19: Catching up!

Well, I missed a bunch of days in a row…

I set out to do this 30 day blogging journey because I wanted to write more. I have definitely written more: so goal achieved! I’ve also found myself thinking of things to write about all the time. So that’s also really awesome!

However, writing every day in addition to some of my other goals proved to be difficult. My sleep was taking a major hit along with my energy, attitude and basic ability to put my attention and love where it is most deserved: with my family.

I am going to try my best to catch up and really do this 30 day thing. I have several blog ideas ready to go: I just need some time to get it done. It’s hard to blog during the day because my husband is heading back to work which means I’m on my own with the kiddo and he is so crazy obsessed with my computer.

He doesn’t get to see it very often, so maybe that’s why he’s so into it? The only thing it does for him is play kids music. Which he loves, but I can’t sit in a room and blog while he plays because he has to touch it, hit it, lick it. Of course, he’s not gentle with it either.. So I can basically blog during naps (if he lets me leave, I’m a pacifier) or if I get up early or stay up late (not ideal for every day).

I’m glad I missed the last few days because my energy and attitude needed a reset. Sleep was a tremendous help along with real time with my guys! They are so important and while doing something for myself is also important, I’ve been missing them with all the other stuff: meal prepping, going to the gym and trying to be better about cleaning up around the house. That stuff is great, but it shouldn’t be the main focus of my life. So, I missed a few days. Don’t worry though, it’s coming!

Have you ever loaded your plate with too many goals/ambitions and then realized you needed to step back and rethink it? I hate when that happens, but I’m glad I don’t force things that don’t feel right… it’s a conundrum.

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