Day 21: Pick me!

The other day, I was reading our local newspaper’s free 2 page weekly that every household receives. It’s mostly ads, a few stories and just general information. I was curious though… Since I’ve just moved back home I’m trying to learn more about my community now and what’s changed.

First, it was really fun to read it – I love reading ads! You always get a few really good ones you know? Like so bad, they are good.

Anyway, they had a help wanted section. I like to keep my eyes open for part time jobs, and possible gigs. I love being a stay at home mom, but I am always interested in picking up jobs that could bring in a little money for my family. Well, there was an interesting posting: Regular part-time sports writer.

Boy was I excited!

Not only was I one of the editors of my high school newspaper, but I also attended the University of Missouri: the number 1 journalism school in the country. While I decided being a newspaper journalist wasn’t my dream job, it doesn’t mean that I don’t miss reporting, writing, editing and designing for a newspaper.

I loved the fast-paced work; how the energy in the newspaper could shift at any moment if or when a hot story came in. I loved designing 1A; picking out the font, the perfect picture layout and writing the headlines and subheads. I also loved the banter between the designers, copy editors and reporters as stories were edited and proofs were being looked over before sending the final product to the printer. Simply put: I miss it.

Studying and being a journalist was a very important time in my life and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I learned so much and I still apply a lot of that learning to my life.

So when I saw this job, I felt that rush of excitement to be a part of a newspaper team agin. It’s part-time, I could take my son with me to the games and events and I could get paid to write. It’s perfect!

I called and then drove up there to fill out an application. The application was clearly old and hilariously offensive due to it’s age. They had a section that asked if I had any dependents other than my wife and children… hmmm. I can get over the application – although if I’m hired, I’m definitely going to bring this up! It’s not hard to print a new application… oh, small towns.

Unfortunately, I haven’t heard back, but I’m persistent. I plan on heading up again and seeing if I can talk to the editor in person. (This is a super small paper and I’d be curious to see if there are any other applicants.)

So keep your fingers crossed! Maybe I’ll be the new part-time sports writer in no time… maybe not, but it sure would be fun to practice my journalism skills again.



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